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For more than 20 years Kloeys its management has invented concepts and strategies to deploy data management. We work with the most powerful partners within the industry. Therefor, Kloeys can rely on a strong network of knowledge and expertise. 

Our valuable and renewable energy keeps us intimately involved in the daily operations of our customers. Kloeys leads concepts, from data management to cloud services based on data analytics.



Kloeys is build on a secure, scalable, and modern infrastructure

Kloeys Cloud Solutions on the Google Cloud Platform comforts;

improve cybersecurity, ensure you have dependable IT for backup and disaster recovery, and diversify your cloud portfolio with the ease and power of Google’s solutions for businesses and education.

Kloeys is Certified and Verified by Google

If you’re looking for advanced solutions and services in a particular area, Kloeys is the authorized Google Cloud partner with a Specialization and Expertise for G Suite and Google for Education.

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Kloeys started in 2009 with 'paperless office' solutions

Kloeys offer your organization the most secure solutions for document-, archive-, and storage management. Building our skills with document- and archive management in Amsterdam on its 2nd most prestigious construction project 'Amstel Campus', we are today a solid partner in secure data solutions with Google cloud solutions.

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