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Assessed Internship Opportunities 2019/2020 - Netherlands - 



Job Description

At Trade in Services B.V., we’re developing all kinds of ideas to help meet the growing demand for business in the field, and And we're looking for ambitious students and graduates to help us do more. If you’re ready to make a real impact on the world through challenging projects, apply for a Trade in Services Internship today.

Trade in Services B.V. is a trademark of Roethof HoldingOur aim is to meet the business needs of society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Our focus on innovation, technology and strategy assets has created lots of respect within the partnerships.


Trade in Services Internship Programme

Our internships are fully assessed and will allow you to get involved in real projects specifically matched to your interests and abilities. You’ll receive regular and structured performance evaluations from your mentor and direct supervisor, and you’ll find out what the business industry is really like, from the inside.

A Trade in Services internship gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build valuable networks for future career options,

  • Discover potential job areas, fields of specialization or area of future study,

  • Gain exposure to the business industry,

  • Work on projects that have a real business impact, and

  • Put into practice the theories and concepts you have learned.

As you'll be assessed entirely on how well you perform during your internship, you could even secure an offer to join Trade in Services B.V. when you graduate – without the need for a further interview. 

What we look for:

We are looking for ambitious students to help us driving business forward by tackling its biggest challenges, bringing real progress and possibility to every part of the organization.
You must be an actively enrolled student who will complete at least one more semester of education following your internship.

There will be specific skill requirements for your chosen internship area. But whatever your role, there are certain qualities you’ll need if you’re going to succeed at Trade in Services.

Above all else, you should enjoy being challenged, so that rather than being daunted or overwhelmed if a task seems impossible, you welcome the opportunity to be innovative.  You also need to be good at absorbing information, analyzing problems, making objective decisions and coming up with original ideas. You should have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done, the flexibility to work well as part of a team and the credibility to influence others.

Trade in Services B.V. matches you into a particular role based on your skills, so you will not be required to apply for a specific internship position.

* Please note that you must be lawfully authorized to work in the country in which you're assigned to work in the Programme.

Let’s deliver better business solutions together.



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